The power of story will help you succeed!!

The world and the rules for making business have changed.
What used to work doesn’t work anymore.
Today, people want authenticity and the truth. A compelling story that they want to be part of!

Failing businesses keep sharing made up, generic information, tech details and statistic. And that’s why you fail to make an impact, fail to grow your business.  

That’s why I help businesses to use the power of story to succeed.  

Åsa Rydhard, MACA

Pitching Expert, Keynote Speaker

Åsa Rydhard is a pitchexpert known as an engaging speaker and trainer.
With a Master’s Degree in Applied Cultural Analysis she inspires and trains experts on an international and online basis – as a public speaker, trainer and consultant.
She has transformed her ‘know how’ expertise into hand tailored programs and services that aims to create cutting edge results.

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Client Stories:

 "We hired Åsa as we needed professional help with a crowdfunding project. Thanks to her we sharpened our sales proposition and pitch. 

Åsa brought competence, experience, and valuable guidance to our project.

She became that sounding board which is invaluable to a project like this. Everyone on the team has full confidence for Åsa. Together we made the project a success. We did ACE it!"

Rickard Linetti
CEO & Serial entrepreneur

"For a person like me who is rich in experiences and competences, it is hard to make a short pitch .
Åsa helped me focus on multi-stakeholder collaboration, since I have worked in many kinds of organisations in collaborative projects and initiatives.
If you are an expert [...], then Åsa can help you to gain a much much wider reach of your services. You will get results quickly and have a lot of fun on the way!
Lena Holmberg

Impact Change Maker

"Åsa was able to bring out the strengths of my business, as well as weaknesses, in order to fix them. 
She is extremely organized, dedicated, and dependable when working to deadlines, and I have greatly appreciated her attention to detail.
I would recommend her for all types of projects, as she is creative and versatile, and adapts very well to the needs of her clients!
Gianluca Tognon

The Food Scientist

"Åsa is invaluable for any business communicating their own stories. 
She has an astonishing feel and love for digging, finding and crafting authentic stories.

Being a researcher and starting a business selling my competence, 

I was very fortunate to meet Åsa Rydhard who helped me to elevate my brand communication."  
Gunilla Clancy

Advisor in Sustainable Development, Capture Sustainability

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